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The MVP Activator is designed to help women entrepreneurs and other leaders who identify as women get rid of subconscious blocks so they can make more money, reach a bigger audience, and have a greater impact with more ease.

As a member, you will meet about twice a month with a small group of supportive women—your “club.” In those sessions, you’ll get customized live coaching with Nancy Linnerooth, a master EFT practitioner.

And there’s more.


Seeing yourself as capable of, and deserving, more success and ease.


Getting out in front of bigger audiences


Profitability. Asking for, making and keeping more money.

Nancy has more than 15 years of experience as an EFT/Tapping Expert helping entrepreneurs (particularly women entrepreneurs) get rid of what’s holding them back so they can break through to the next level in their businesses. The MVP Activator is the easiest and most budget-friendly way to take advantage of EFT/Tapping and Nancy’s expertise to make your life and work what you want them to be.

In addition to your MVP Club sessions, the MVP Activator includes:

Robust video modules on common blocks

that often slow women down in the areas of Mindset, Visibility, and Profitability, plus some bonus modules beyond the MVP areas. These weekly in-depth modules walk you through processes to identify where you are blocked, then give you tap-along videos you can use to release those common blocks. They’re recorded, so you can go through the ones that seem relevant to you whenever it’s convenient.

Monthly Zoom Q&A’s with Nancy

and everyone in the MVP Activator community. You’ll get to meet more women leaders, ask questions about the modules, get coaching and/or tapping for specific issues, maybe do some group tapping…I’m keeping it open so we can take it where you want to go. 

Day-long Intensives to move you faster to your goals.

These will be quarterly, so that will be four over the course of a year. (We’re starting the MVP Activator at six months, then the plan is to grow it to a year.) I’m currently considering ones on Changing Your Internal Identity to Create the Life You Want, Releasing the Invisible Patriarchal Rules Stopping You, Using Law of Attraction to Grow Your Business, and…? I’m open to hearing from members what they want that fourth Intensive to be.

What members are saying about their MVP Club experiences:

Laurece West

“Every time I work with you—both individually and in three groups now (and I’m signing up for another MVP Club)—my income has gone up!”

Laurece West
Business, Voice, & Peak Performance Coach
Durham, NC

Sara Connell

“A month into our sessions together, I had my first 2 consecutive $100K months!”

Sara Connell
Best Selling Author & Founder of Thought Leader Academy
IG @saraconnell

Louise LeBourgeois

“Because of the tapping we’ve done, I’ve noticed huge changes in my creativity and work life. I procrastinate less and feel lighter and happier while I”m working; my ideas flow more easily; and it’s much easier for me to envision bigger, bolder goals and projects for myself.”

Louise LeBourgeois
Painter, Writer, and Open Water Swimmer

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